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Work Hard. Be Positive. Learn.


At Salish Coast Volleyball Club, we believe competitive athletics can provide a fantastic foundation for success in life.  We also believe that kids (and parents) should have lives off the court and encourage our families to take a more practical approach to the season.


Working Hard


 We are tough in tough situations 


 We are not afraid to lose 


 We play with passion and energy 

Being Positive


 We are kind and build each other up 


 We are grateful and honest with each other and ourselves 


 We are good winners and good losers 



 We have a growth mindset and are life-long learners 

 Open Minded. 

 We see feedback as a gift and embrace it 


 We participate in life and sport with enthusiasm 

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2021-22 Season Announcement

SCVBC will unfortunately not be fielding any teams for the 2021-22 season.

After assessing the current environment and the demands of the upcoming season, we determined we will not be able to provide a playing experience of the quality our players and families expect or deserve.  Because we are not willing to compromise our standards we think it best to simply sit this season out.

We appreciate those of you who have inquired about our club this year and look forward to returning to the court for the 2022-23 season.

Please check back for information regarding future open gyms and clinics.


The mountains are full of snow and the sun is warm at the beaches!  SCVBC will not schedule an event for this week (coaches like to ski and surf), so go ahead and plan your vacation or trip to visit colleges!

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